• Welcome!

    The Hummingbird House is a place where you can rest and enjoy nature's beauty at the same time.
  • The Rooms

    We offer comfortable bed rooms where guests will spend a pleasant night.
  • Dining

    Our guests are provided with a full breakfast.
  • Pool

    Enjoy our pool and deck with available grill. Perfect for a cookout!
  • Sit and Relax

    Guests are welcome to hangout in our front porch and enjoy the peaceful surroundings


Located 5 miles north of Granville in a beautiful landscaped area surround by trees and wildlife where hummingbirds return yearly at first sign of spring, The Hummingbird House has been home to 3 families through the years since the early 1800's. For the past 30 years Mark & Sidney Fouty have lived and raised their 4 children here. Over the years The Hummingbird House has been a place of refuge to many family members and friends. The doors have always been opened to anyone who may stop by. We extend that welcome to you.

There is much history related to the house. You will find window sills a foot deep in the upstairs rooms. It has been said the upstairs was jacked up and the underneath built. It is balloon framed with 12"x12" hand hewn beams. One such beam has been left exposed for all to see the handy work of the skilled craftsmen of the 1800's. Many items were found in the attic such as magazines, pictures and note pads used for receipt books. Not mention a newspaper article dated 1848 on Ulysses S Grant coming to Newark.

The first family recorded to live in the house were known as the Cada's. Mr. Cada seemed to be heavily involved in Dennison University, as there were many college bulletins found in a box. A picture thought to be of the Cada Family, painted on black canvas, found in the attic hangs at the top of the stairs. Most of the above items are available to visitors to enjoy during their stay at The Hummingbird House.

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